Why Commercial Buildings use Flat Roofs

Although flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular in the design of modern homes, they are mainly seen on commercial buildings, but have you ever wondered why? In our latest post, we discuss some of the main reasons that commercial buildings make use of this type of roof design.

Firstly, we should note that if you had a very broad commercial building, using a pitched roof would not be possible due to the height it would have to reach.

Flat roofs tend to be less expensive than pitched roofs so it makes sense that a business would utilise this style to save on costs. Additionally, as many commercial buildings often sit next to each other, it makes sense to follow the roof style already in use in the area.

Other reasons a commercial building often makes use of a flat roof design relates to the fact that they rarely require the extra overhead loft space that will add value to a domestic property, as storage rooms are often on the same level as the business.

When using a commercial building, you will need to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in place to follow the latest regulations. Flat roofs allow businesses to store their ventilation units on the roof, helping to save space within the building.

Modern Architecture

With all the examples of flat roofing systems being used on commercial buildings, flat roofs are also being increasingly used on modern residential homes.

Flat roofs look simple in design and complement a floor to ceiling window perfectly, keeping a clean line appearance.

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