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1/ Conditions. Each quotation and contract made by A.E.S. Roofing Ltd (the company) is subject to this and the following conditions. No variation shall be applicable unless they are accepted by the company in writing.
2/ Acceptance. To accept a written quotation please sign a copy of the quotation and return it to the office. Digital quotations can be accepted through your personal online portal by clicking the ‘accept’ button at the bottom of the quote and then following the signature prompts. Please also see 4/ below regarding quoted options.

3/ Cooling off. After signing the acceptance form you will have a seven-day period in which you may cancel the contract without penalty. You agree to waive your right to this cooling off period if you accept and agree to have the work undertaken within the seven-day period. For example, if you have instructed immediate emergency works / storm damage etc.

4/. Options. Most quotations show separate prices for individual items of work within the contract.
Some of these price options may not be required or are an ‘either / or’ option. Each price is separate for each portion of the works. Items showing a £00.00 cost, or no value are included within the overall cost of the work. For paper or PDF quotations the grand total of the works will not show any option prices and these will need to be added to find the total. For quotations viewed through your online portal the option costs are automatically added to the grand total once the corresponding check boxes are selected. If you are unsure of the total costs, please contact the Company to clarify.
5/ Provisional Costing. (P C Sum) This will be used where a fixed price cannot be given. This usually occurs where we cannot identify the extent of the work required at the point of raising the quotation.
6/ Interruption of works in progress. Our quotation is based on us being able to work on the site uninterrupted. Should we be instructed to cease works by the customer or any third party we reserve the right to invoice for any extra costs we incur.
7/Quotations are produced on the assumption that the building to be worked on is of standard construction. If after stripping off (or in the case of new work arriving on site) the structure is found to be defective or inadequate either through rot, poor design, bad workmanship or any other cause whatsoever the quotation may cease to be valid and extra costs may be incurred.
8/ On site supervision. A competent person should be available on site to discuss & instruct should problems arise. If this is not possible any additional works or omissions will be exercised at the discretion of the company. The customer will be advised as soon as possible, and the final account adjusted accordingly.
9/Weather ingress. Within the quoted price we will Endeavour to exclude weather ingress by the industry’s normal accepted methods. (i.e. Tarpaulins, plastic sheeting’s etc.) However, the Company cannot accept responsibility for the total exclusion of weather during such contracts. Should the customer require total weather protection we can provide a quotation for “over scaffold and/or over roofing” for the duration of contract.
10/ Goods & Materials. All materials supplied by the Company remain its property until fixed or paid for, and until then may be removed by the company or its agents at any time. Materials stripped off as part of the contract will be cleared from site and disposed of by the company unless other arrangements are agreed.
11/Asbestos products. Special rules are laid down for this product. Please discuss requirements with the office before work commences. If materials are found or exposed, which are believed to contain asbestos work will be halted immediately and samples will be taken for testing – Tests WILL incur additional costs. Quoted works will then be subject to the results of testing and may well alter. If you are aware of any potential Asbestos containing materials, please advise the Company prior to agreeing works.
12/ Working access. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange free, uncluttered access to the site of the works. Common obstacles such as light fittings, satellite dishes, aerials, plant pots, garden furniture, vehicles all need to be considered and arrangements made. The storage or siting of items around our working area will need to be removed or protected prior to our arrival. In particular, open boxes / item stored in garages and loft spaces, need particular consideration as our work is likely to cause dust and dirt. Should you require assistance from the company with regard to the above please contact us. Please note, the company cannot be held responsible for any breakages or deep cleaning.

13/ Services. The quotation assumes that the company will have free access to water and 240v mains electric supply etc. to complete the contract.

14/ Adjoining Properties. Where access is needed from, or work affects, adjoining properties it is the customer’s responsibility to secure the various permissions prior to the commencement of work.
15/ Satellite dishes & TV Aerials. These items in particular cause problems if they are sited close to the working area. They can be knocked out of alignment or even damaged. If they impede our access they would have to be removed prior to our arrival on site by your chosen aerial contractor. In most cases we can work around them, but we make the point that we will not be responsible for any rectification or re-alignment costs of them if they get knocked or damaged.

16/ Overhead Mains Feed in Power Cables. If you have overhead main power cables feeding your property which is within 3 meters of our working area or scaffold erection they must be sheathed prior to our arrival. If you contact your electricity provider, they will usually do this free of charge, but you must give them extended notice as sheathing can take up to six weeks.

17/ Ceilings. Plasterboard ceilings are normally fixed to wooden roof timbers. These timbers can flex especially when flat roofs have to have the roof decking replaced. This may cause the plaster skim to crack where the plasterboards join and sometime the plaster skim can loosen from the nail heads holding the boards. We do not include any costs of making good ceilings within our quotes. Should this happen we can quote for the extra work, but most customers choose to repair with a filler when they next decorate.
18/ Roof Deflection (sag). Unless otherwise stated within the quotation, roof coverings will be laid to existing roof structures and will therefor follow any pre-existing bows, sags, dips, bends or deflections. For flat roofs this may result in the roof holding / ponding water. We can correct roof deflections and would be happy to discuss such option with you. Please note; on flat roofs structures single ply materials such as EPDM rubbers and Glass Fibre GRP will show pre-existing undulations to a greater extent than traditional felt materials.
19/ Workmanship. The company’s liability for defects, if any, of materials or workmanship is limited to making good free of charge. No liability is accepted for consequential loss or damage.
20/ Claims. The company shall be under no liability in respect of any claims arising out of war, strike, flood, fire, lockout, accidents or any cause beyond our control.
21/ Value Added Tax is shown separately. VAT will be charged at the Govt. stated rate at the time of invoice.
22 / Payment terms.
Account holders are required to pay on or before the 10th of the month following the month of invoice.
Non account holders are required to make full payment within seven days from the invoice date.
Stage payments may be required for some works and will be agreed prior to works commencing. If stage payments are not made on time work will cease at the end of that working day and will not commence until the account is brought up to date.

Overdue accounts. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at 10% above the Bank of England minimum lending rate for the period involved. Overdue accounts over 30 days may be placed for collection and all additional costs and interest will be charged to the customer.

23/The Terms. These are the terms that are in place for the contract no other terms from any other party will override these terms unless A.E.S. LTD agrees to them in writing. This term particularly applies to orders received from customers which contain payment terms different to ours.

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