The Benefits of Solar Energy and How To Save Money

If you’ve considered installing solar panels to reap the benefits of solar energy in your home, now might be the right time to act on your instincts. It seems like every year our household bills are increased by our energy providers and we are charged more and more money each year. Not only that, it’s becoming more common to see reports on how global warming is worsening, with every month being ‘the hottest month on record’. Well, if these thoughts have crossed your mind, you’re not alone. Many people are now monetising on the benefits of solar energy and are being paid as a reward for using their own sustainable sources.

Solar energy is now highly sought after, so we’ve put together the benefits of using recyclable energy and how you can get paid for using it.

Earn Money

There are a number ways you will earn money from the electricity you’re producing. The first way is through the feed-in tariff reward, which is a set amount of money earned from each unit of energy your produce, regardless of if you use it. All solar energy made from your panels is 100% yours to use and can still be produced even on a cloudy day. Any spare units you don’t use can be sold to the National Grid.

Save Money On Your Bills

Once you’ve installed solar panels on your roof, you’ll start reaping the benefits of solar energy and making savings on your energy bills. EST, an independent advice charity, estimates a yearly saving of £785. This is divided up between money saved each month from the electricity you generate, money paid by the feed-in tariff and any money made selling spare units you collected back to the grid.

Help The Environment

Using solar energy to produce your own electricity means you’ll be reducing the amount of energy created from fossil fuels from large corporations, and therefore helping to slow down global warming. Habitats and species around the world can be positively affected by using your own sustainable and recyclable energy.

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