Prevent Birds from Nesting in Your Guttering

Your guttering system is important for draining water away from your home. Although this structure is a vitally important part of your home, being on the outside, it generally goes quite unthought of until something goes wrong.

Clogged Gutters

When a gutter becomes clogged, it can cause a wide variety of issues including flooding and water damage. Gutters can become clogged for a wide variety of reasons, including fallen leaves, debris, moss and even small animals nesting at points within the system. If you believe a bird is nesting in your system, it is important that you seek advice from an organisation such as the RSPB, as moving the bird yourself could cause it significant distress.

Whilst regular cleaning and maintenance of your guttering system is important to ensure it lasts for years to come and works to its full potential, keeping the system clean will also prevent birds from making their nests in this area and causing further issues.

If you have a regular issue with birds nesting in your gutter, another way to tackle this problem is to install a wire mesh, a surface tension material or plastic screen onto your gutter, these options will also help to prevent the build-up of debris.

To provide a more enticing area for birds to stay, you may even consider investing in a bird box or two, attaching them to a nearby tree or a high fence.

To help prevent twigs and leaves falling into your gutter and causing issues, be sure to trim any trees that are close to the roof of your home.

AES Roofing Contractors – Guttering Systems

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