Is Moss on Roof Tiles a Problem?

Whilst most roofs will be affected by patches of moss or lichen. Whilst small patches of moss will not cause much of a problem, if left to develop further, it can affect your roof for a number of reasons. In our latest post, we discuss the effect of moss growth on a roof and how you can tackle it.

The Effects of Moss

When left to spread, moss can negatively affect your roof for the following reasons:

It absorbs large quantities of moisture, resulting in your roof constantly being wet. If this moisture seeps through the roof tiles, it could rot wood components of the roof, reducing its structural integrity.

Moss can obstruct the drainage of moisture on the roof.

Moss may attract wildlife to your roof which may not only decrease its aesthetics i.e defecation, but birds may also dislodge moss and move it into gutterings or downpipes, which may cause blockages.

Removing Moss from Roof Tiles

To avoid the need for repairs which can become expensive, moss should be removed straight away. Avoid using a pressure washer to remove moss as it could drench your roof interior or cause damage to the tiles.

Moss may be safely removed by using a hard long-handled brush, moss killer or by seeking the help of a specialist to assess the condition of the roof and removing the moss in the most efficient way in order to help avoid regrowth.

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