How To Avoid Wild Birds Nesting In Your Gutters

Keeping your gutters free of leaves, debris and mould is tough enough, let alone preventing pesky birds nesting in your guttering. Wild birds are often drawn to gutters due to their convenient shape and connecting joints, allowing them to nest safely and securely. However, once settled, birds nests can often block your guttering causing them to fill up and leak, preventing your roof from properly working.

Well, fear not, as we’ve put together a few top tips on how to prevent wild birds nesting in your gutters:

Gutter guards. These are great for allowing water to flow through your gutters as normal while the spikes prevent anything else landing in them. There are a number of different gutter guards we can install.
Repellants. You can buy these in either granule, gel or liquid form. Worry not, as these do not physically harm the birds but the scents emitted make the birds feel uncomfortable, causing them to fly off.
Hardware cloth. Although not actually a cloth, this wire mesh is perfect for keeping your gutters covered while still allowing rain in to drain effectively.
Scare tactics. Essentially the same as a scarecrow, these decoys come in many shapes such as owls and eagles, to scare any approaching birds off and prevent them nesting in your gutters.
Speakers. Using speakers is a surefire way of keeping wild birds away from your gutters. The sound waves used are those of predatory birds and high pitch frequencies that only wild birds can hear.
Fake snakes. This isn’t a joke! Fake snakes are actually a really effective way of scaring birds from entering your gutters. Secure them down to the guttering or place them somewhere they won’t wash down your gutters and block them.

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