How Roof Restoration Improves a Home

The roof is an, often, overlooked aspect of a home that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. All of this comes along with the fact that the roof is ‘the crown of the home’, which makes roof restoration an essential aspect of improving quality – both visual and structural. Here at AES Roofing Contractors, we are experts in a range of roofing services, so we are going to run you through how a professional roof restoration can have a great impact for a small investment.


The weather is something that we truly cannot control, but we can take preventative measures with roof restoration that improves the level of protection your roof provides against these elements.

Not dealing with the issues that weather presents, which can include ensuring your roof is sealed and that all tiles are present, will lead to further damage and expensive problems down the line. A common problem, especially in England with all the rain we have, is that leaks can compromise your roof and this can lead to mold and mildew. Properly preserving your roof with professional roof restoration can prevent this from even happening, which subsidises the initial cost.

Adding Value

As aforementioned, the roof is the crown of a home, so it should be treated as such. We say this because a restored and maintained roof can add thousands of pounds-worth of value to your home, drastically improving ‘kerb appeal’.

Alongside the obvious visual benefits of a well-kept roof, there is also the fact that buyers will be interested in the sound structural integrity of a restored roof. This – in and of itself – will add value as the likelihood of drastic repairs is reduced.

Energy Efficiency

There is a long-standing myth that most of the heat in your body escapes from your head, when the truth is that this is only accurate because the head is often left unprotected from the weather. The same principle translates to roofs in that leaving them poorly insulated or with broken seals will mean air escapes. This will lead to increased energy costs and reduce the energy efficiency of your home.

Roof restoration takes measures to prevent this, which means your energy costs will be brought down and the return on investment of your roof restoration is counteracted by the savings you see with saving energy.

An Investment That Pays for Itself

Roof restoration is a small investment that effectively pays for itself, with the myriad of benefits actually offsetting the costs with the savings from the prevention of drastic repairs and reducing energy costs. This is then further accentuated by the increase in value that you will be allowed when it comes time to sell.

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