Here’s Why Slate Tiles Are Ideal for Your House Roof

Generally speaking, most of us are aware of the benefits of slate tiles for the roof of a house: it makes up a lot of the reasoning as to why slate roofs are the traditionalists’ choice.

To refresh your mind, or implement some new ideas, AES Roofing Contractors use our decades of experience in the roofing industry to explain why slate tiles are an excellent choice for the roof of your house.


When it comes to roofing, looks are often very important. Whether it be for your own benefit, to represent your home well in your local community, or to increase kerb appeal, the charm of an attractive roof can help to elevate the overall character of your home.

The appearance of slate tiles is multifaceted in its beauty, with the natural stone providing a unique aesthetic that can fit with almost every house roof intentions; there is even a range of different styles of slate tiles, which quells the common misconception that slates only come in one form. Slate tiles come in different size and thickness, as well as colour, so you’re never short of options to suit your home or showcase something a little unique.

Slate tiles are classic, celebrated, comfortable within traditional and modern homes, and will suit any stylistic intentions you have for your house roof.


The sustainability of slate tiles falls into two categories: environmental and temporal, although they are both inherently connected.

Built to last 100 years, and then likely to last a further 50, slate tiles are potentially the most longevous roofing material on the market. Providing proper installation, you can expect over a century of low maintenance protection and style from your slate tile roof.

With this long life comes the additional benefit of a more environmentally viable roofing option. In the US, over 5% of waste that makes its way into landfill annually comes from roofing materials, which is explained by shingles having to be replaced roughly every 30 years. This isn’t an issue for slate tiles, though, since they last a lot longer and will likely not even find their way into landfill when the roof is eventually replaced because slate can be recycled or repurposed.

Popular for a Reason

Essentially, there is a reason that slate tiles have remained a popular choice for a house roof since their boom in popularity in the 19th century. There is a range of benefits that completely offset the additional cost, which can sometimes put people off; we didn’t even get into how slate tiles are water and fire resistant, as well as energy efficient.

AES Roofing Contractors

Here at AES Roofing Contractors, we have over 45 years of experience in installing slate roofs for homes throughout Worcestershire and beyond. We are experts in the field and work with premium materials to ensure you reap the rewards of all of the aforementioned benefits of slate tiles for your home.

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