Common Roof Damage Caused by Wind

An image of a roof with tiles that are out of place and need repairing.

Strong winds can cause all kinds of damage, even when they don’t come with snow, sleet or rain. Now we’re etching deeper into autumn, the weather is cooling down and storms are more likely to occur here in the UK.

In the latest post from AES Roofing Contractors, we take a deeper look at how high winds can affect your roof.

There are certain areas of your roof which will be more susceptible to damage from the elements than others. If your roof has any loose slates, areas that have weakened over time or damage caused by external factors such as tree branches, it is vital that these are looked at immediately to avoid further damage.

Upward Pressure

Wind will often damage the outer edge of the roof, but the effects of this can spread, should any loose material be swept upwards and apply further pressure.

Upward lifting pressure can result in plywood and insulation being exposed, which, if left unresolved, could result in leaks and water damage when it rains.

Damage by Debris

There is no escaping the fact that during high winds, debris and branches can often get swept along and cause major issues. Whilst your roof will be made to withstand extreme weather and weight from outside forces, debris can affect your guttering system and cause a build-up of rainwater. Unfortunately, this build-up can cause erosion, a mould and mildew to form and stain the outside of your house.

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