6 Signs It’s Time For A Gutter Replacement

Gutters are something homeowners tend to forget about. Once you move into a home you think that’s it, however, there are a few warnings signs that you need to keep an eye out for that suggest you need a gutter replacement. Believe it or not, but gutters are surprisingly sturdy and a good copper set can last over half a decade, you might even be lucky enough to never need yours replacing. However, you should expect to need a gutter replacement at least once during your time in any home.

Here are six signs that your home needs a replacement gutter:

Cracks and holes visible throughout

The main cause to need a replacement would be visible damage to the guttering system, as this could cause it to break off or create leaks. Using sealant makes a great temporary fix but it will need fixing permanently.

Sagging guttering. If you notice any of the guttering is beginning to dip, it could mean the structure has come loose or water is beginning to collect in certain areas.

Broken fasteners

These are what keeps your guttering attached to the house. If you’ve noticed any fasteners have broken off or come loose, it might be useful to fix this if possible, otherwise, they’ll need replacing.

Separated gutters

Your gutters can only function properly if they’re all fixed together to create a tunnel. If these come away from each other then it’s time for a gutter replacement.

Peeling paint

A leaking gutter can ruin perfectly decent paintwork, if you notice paint peeling away then this is a classic sign that your guttering is failing.

Spot the rot

If you notice any rot or mould forming, this could mean there is a blockage which is causing moss to grow. It’s easily removable but it will permanently damage your guttering system.

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